1929skin is a natural and safe luxury skincare brand that provides you with effective products, formulated to cater to your skin type and common skin conditions. 

Here at 1929, we recognize the uniqueness of each customer’s skin; and because we do, we want to ensure that you have skincare products that will actually support your skin type to provide you with optimal results. We don’t believe in one product for every one’s skin—we know that it’s not realistic! Unless of course it’s for capital gain, and not real results. So, for that reason we started a brand that focuses on targeting your skin type instead of your pockets! 

1929skin was launched in December 2021 with the five skincare products predominantly geared towards oil/combination skin. This summer, we launched four more products: two serums, a mechanical exfoliator, and a new moisturizer. As the month’s roll off the calendar, we will be releasing more products to add to your regimen, and we couldn’t be more excited for you to try them!



Work, work, work, work, work!!! When do we have time to take care of ourselves and unwind from the fast pace lifestyle many of us live today? Every day we’re constantly reminded to work hard and self-care becomes less of a priority because we are too busy keeping up with the world. Do we carve out time to fully implement a self-care routine that will support our mental wellness? Many will say, “I don’t have enough time”, but here at 1929 we believe that time is all we have, so why not take care of you first!?

The goal is to change this narrative of always being on the grind, and hopefully get people to take the time to pay attention to what matters in this life the most—themselves. 

The first way 1929 wants to begin changing the narrative is through skincare. We want to enhance your beauty by first helping you take care of one of the biggest organs of the body… your skin! We want to support people in feeling comfortable in their skin by understanding exactly what products they should be using for their skin type. With this knowledge, and the right products, we believe this will fuel better results and enhance one’s self-esteem.


Creator and Disruptor

Keemah G is an educator, esthetician and speaker. She is a woman who has overcome many of life's obstacles, far beyond those of the average person. Graduating valedictorian in her beauty school eleven years ago, she left with the desire to pursue a beauty business, but again she was met with many obstacles and struggles along the way. This impacted her self-esteem, and made her question her worth. As a result, it was very difficult for her to be consistent in her pursuit of her passion for life and beauty. 

After years doing the self-healing work, she wanted to pay it forward by empowering people to evolve from the inside out. She understood that in order to get to a better place mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically, the work needed to be done from within. Due to her love for skincare and having had some skin difficulties herself (dark spots and blotches) during her teenage years, it only made sense to create a skincare line. 

For Keemah G, she sees skincare as an important step to helping a person glow from the inside out. She knows that once the inside is feeling fresh, healed and whole— it only makes sense for  healthy skin to follow too!

If you’re fortunate to be in her presence, you will see that she has done the work— and continues to do the work. So come along the journey as Keemah G helps people to evolve from the inside out!