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Dry vs Dehydrated Skin?

Dehydration is one of the most common skin conditions around. But, the good news is that, by using the right products, by choosing healthier meals, and by...

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Why My Skin Color? - What is Melanin?

So, what exactly is melanin? Melanin is a pigment that determines the colour of our skin, hair and eyes, and it’s produced by cells called melanocytes.

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Mechanical vs Chemical Exfoliation?

AHAs only work on the surface of the skin, therefore, they don’t have the ability to penetrate the pores. AHAs contain lactic acid and/or glycolic acid,...

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The Goal is Healthy Skin

The Smooth Skin Exfoliator is great! I hadn't tried a chemical exfoliant before. I was used to the exfoliators that had little beads which sometimes left my skin irritated and didn't feel great when using, so I stopped for years. So far I've had amazing results from this exfoliator. When I use it consistenly (1 to 2 times a week), it also improves the texture of my skin! I recommend this product to add to your regimen.


Having suffered from hyperpigmentation, on top of having sesnsitive skin, I needed a product that would not only be hypoallergenic but mostly natural. This toner, along with the cleanser, has unified my skin tone and has improved its overall texture as well. The smell is neutral, yet fresh and my skin does not react to it either. Definitely recommend!


The Glow Up Serum is excellent! I never used a serum that had retinol effects to it before, and upon research, was worried that it may cause an intense reaction to my sensitive skin, acne prone skin. However, this product had not caused any reactions. Paired with a moisturizer after application, my skin feels great! Now that I added this serum to my skincare routine, I hope I will look young forever.


This (Flawless Skin Creme) is such a rich moisturizer. I was concerned it would make my oily skin more oily, but it hasn’t!! My skin feels perfectly moisturized. I love all of these products!


Growing up and not really using any moisturizer on my face has left me wanting something light and I have found it (Flawless Skin Creme). It feels like there is nothing on but I get compliments all the time about how my skin looks so clear. I account that to be from the face wash and moisturizer combo.


I love this product! I'm 38 and my skin has changed since my 20s. What i love about this cream (Flawless Skin Creme) is that after putting it on, my face doesn't feel oily or dried out after a while. A perfect balance throughout the day. I feel so good after applying it, I can even skip makeup all together!


I needed something different for my face and was delightfully surprised by this product (Coco Refreshing Cleanser)! First of all, I love the chic packaging and look of the bottle. Product is smooth and I quickly started to see a difference in the look and feel of my face. Will definitely recommend to others!


I’ve been using this serum (Glow U Up Serum) for two months, and I am really enjoying the results. My skin is smooth, and my skin tone is way more even then before. I only use it at night time as my nighttime routine. I highly recommend this serum for anyone looking to improve their skin tone and/or texture.